MythTV - Latest Packages

How to Get the Latest Version of MythTV

Whether you run Ubuntu or Mythbuntu, you don't have to upgrade the OS every 6 months to get the latest version of MythTV. The nice folks at Mythbuntu provide repositories containing the latest MythTV release for regular and Long Term Support (LTS) releases.

For regular releases, they backport the next version of MythTV.

For LTS releases, they backport every version of MythTV for the lifetime of the release (2 years).

Mythbuntu Support chart

To summarise, if you are on Ubuntu version 10.04 LTS, 11.04 or 11.10, you can install the latest MythTV 0.25 package using the procedure below. If you are still on Maverick 10.10, which has just come to end-of-life, you can only get up to version 0.24 of MythTV unless you upgrade or use a different repository.

Using the Mythbuntu Repos

Using the Mythbuntu repos is very easy. You install a small package from the Mythbunu site which provides a utility for selecting the version you require. Once that is done, the usual Ubuntu upgrade process will bring you up to the latest version.