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About MythTV

MythTV is an open source media centre application which runs on the Linux operating system. It is similar to to TiVo and Sky+ in that it records TV from a tuner card onto the hard disk of a PC. It uses TV listings data to schedule recordings allowing it to automatically record whole series.

There are a wide range of plugins available to extend the functionality. Features available are:

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an open source, linux-based operating system. It makes MythTV very easy to install, along with all the required multimedia applications and codecs. Plus, it will allow your media centre to function as a powerful desktop PC. Here are a number of the features available:

About the Author

Garry Parker has been using and writing about MythTV since 2004. He has worked on a number of projects related to MythTV and Ubuntu; commercial, community and university based. He vents his artistic talents through his satirical side project, Ubuntu Satanic Edition.

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