Screensaver Code

The code for the Eternity project is free and open source and licensed under the GPL. It is hosted under bazaar version control on Launchpad:

POV-Ray Code

I'm fairly new to POV-Ray and much of my code is experimental and/or generated by graphical tools such as KPovModeler. I'll tidy it up before posting it here. Until then, here's some code which is in a shareable state...

Eternal Ubuntu Studio

This is written in pure POV script with a little help from Friedrich Lohmueller's shapes_lo library which makes specifying torus segments easier. I cheated slightly with the wallpaper by rendering the logo on its own and imposing it on the standard Ubuntu Studio background. The animation attempts to render the lights, but they're not perfect.


Source file: ubuntustudio-anim.pov

Requires: by Friedrich A. Lohmueller.


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