Configuration and Customisation

Configuration Files

Each Eternity plugin has its own config file located at:


This can be used to customise the plugin. For example, if you don't like the burning pentagram in the Eternal Damnation plugin, just edit the file:

sudo gedit /usr/share/eternity-screensaver/damnation/eternity.cfg

...and comment out the pentagram line, as follows:

# Eternity screensaver config file
# Format: filename, number of loops, frames per second
/usr/share/eternity-screensaver/damnation/ubuntu-se1.mpg  1 28
/usr/share/eternity-screensaver/damnation/ubuntu-se2.mpg  1 28
#/usr/share/eternity-screensaver/damnation/pentagram.mpg  10 46

These config files can also be used to change which animations are played, alter their speed or increase the number of times they are repeated.


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