Zigzag Lightening, Flashing and Frightening

This week we’ve been pretty arty in our house. Reading an old favourite, Julia Donaldson’s “The Snail and the Whale” served as inspiration for A (nearly 3) to create some great chalk pictures.

He used blue and green chalks to create the sea and then, having studied the picture in the book, added some white spray in the form of lots of dots. In the top right corner, you can see his “zigzag lightening, flashing and frightening”.

I’ve tried chalks with N (1 yr) before but he treats them like small sticks of Edinburgh rock and gnaws bits off them! So instead, he enjoyed the full hands-on experience with the paints. I squeezed little blobs of paint straight onto the paper (which was taped to the table) and allowed him time to explore them and spread them around with his fingers before adding a blob of the next colour.

N enjoyed the feel of the paint in his hands and loved squeezing it between his fingers. During the second picture, he decided to see what it tasted like – at which point the dummy came in handy!

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