Year of the Snake

This month we have been looking at Chinese New Year, which this year is the Year of the Snake. We have been looking at books about China and Chinese New Year – and we have also been looking at snakes! We have had lots of hissing from the 1 year olds and we also created some great snake pictures.


J (15m) enjoys dipping shoelaces, pipe cleaners and his favourite – plastic snakes – into the paint!

N (19m) concentrates hard on creating his snake picture. There was plenty of hissing to accompanying his drawing!

We even went to see a real snake at Pet’s Corner in Astley Park. The boys, however, were more interested in the rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals that were showing signs of life (ie. moving)! The boys were very keen to communicate with the animals, making lots of animal sounds – rabbits, fish, hens.

We went on to feed the ducks and geese, accompanied by N’s loud quacking noises…

J however decided that the crusts were wasted on the birds and was more interested in feeding himself!



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