Sunshine after the Rain

This morning, we were all set to go to toddler group but the skies were so blue on the school run that it seemed such a shame to waste one of the few nice days that we seem to be getting this autumn! So we changed plans and set off to Brockholes for the morning.


A (3y) took his balance bike. N (15m) took his puddle suit and J (11m) took his smile!


The boys noticed lots of interesting things along the way. In this picture, N is pointing at a snail on the stem of the plant in the foreground. He got quite enthusiastic about that! A bag was requested by A, who collected quite a lot of fallen leaves, sticks and bits from the ground. They are currently drying out to be used another day.

In general though, the boys just loved the chance to wander about without a care in the world and nobody saying, “Come on – hurry up!”

N well and truly put his puddle suit to the test! And his new wellies – they took a bit of getting used to. He had his shoes on for most of the walk and then the wellies came out for splashing!

J enjoyed the morning from the luxury of the buggy. He was very interested in the environment and A made sure that he gave him plenty of interesting bits of leaves and seed heads etc. to “examine” (aka “destroy”). After the walk, we spent some time in the playground – swinging, climbing, driving the tractor and simply sitting on the ground playing with the little stones.

Had the trip not been so spontaneous, it would have been nice to take a picnic because that was the only reason we left when we did – everyone was getting hungry!

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