Spring Lamb Pictures

Inspired by some cotton wool balls, L (7y), A (3y) and J (17m) set out making their own lamb pictures. I put some photographs of sheep and lambs on the craft table, cut out some heads and legs from black paper for the younger ones (A did his own legs) and provided some cotton wool balls, googly eyes and glue. L (7y) remembered that we had some “grass” paper in the craft cupboard so that came out too.


I loved what the different children each did with the same basic materials:


L (7y) created a very precise picture: the body was in proportion to the head and legs, she studied the photos before drawing a mouth on using white chalk and her lamb was actually chewing the “grass”.


A (3y) arranged his pieces more or less in the right places. He stuck one black leg down and then drew a white leg using chalk. He also watched L draw a chalk mouth and did his own version. He then spent a lot of time cutting up the “grass” paper – he really loves cutting with scissors at the moment.


J (17m) treated the activity as a sensory experience. He enjoyed spreading the glue about with his brush as if it were a painting activity and stuck some of the “legs” down. He then tried to paint a cotton wool ball with glue and was quite perplexed that it stuck to the end of his brush. He pulled it off with his sticky fingers but it was then stuck to them. He spent some time examining his furry fingers and was not entirely sure that he liked it. Very strange stuff, this cotton wool – never seen anything quite like that before! Very different to those pom poms…


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