Snow Fun!

Snow – love it or hate it, you have to admit that it’s a fantastic sensory experience for the kids. As well as the usual crunching around in wellies making snowmen, snow angels and snowballs, we’ve been seeing what else we can do with it. So far we’ve come up with:


Small World Snow Play

Playing in the snow outside is a very large-scale, physical experience. We brought some inside so that we could play WITH it rather than IN it. This was a great hit with A (3.5y) who introduced his Star Wars snowtroopers and a host of other figures to it. In no time at all, they had to be rescued from a sudden avalanche which totally covered them. N (18m) and F (14m) at the other side of the table were busy with the dinosaurs and farm animals as well as a few diggers. We built walls and mountains of snow as well as a cave. Great fun and the snow lasted for a good 4 hours or so before it turned to slush.



Snow Cafe

This came about when N (18m) decided to transfer the snow from his bucket onto the “hot rings” in the Wendy house. Then he sat down for an ice tea with his friend F (14m).



Snow Sundaes

Today’s after-school activity was “snowcream” and appealed straight away to L (7y) and H (5y). First of all, they collected ice-cream tubs full of snow from the garden and then set to work at the table creating whatever delicacies took their fancies. They coloured the snow using chunky felt tips, added copious amounts of “sprinkles” (glitter, beads, pom poms etc.) and finally embellished them with straws and cocktail umbrellas. L (7y) made a menu for her ice creams and sundaes and N (18m) didn’t want to be left out either.



Snow Farm

Today we made a snow farm, complete with a few “ponds” (coffee jar lids full of water). This went down a treat and N (18m) was very keen to introduce every bird on the farm to it: ducks, goose, hens, cockerel! The farmer’s wife got a good dunking too (middle picture). A (3.5y) soon introduced his knights to the snowy landscape and before long, a full-scale battle was taking place at the other side of the table. H (5y) set up a lovely fairy banquet. I loved the way she sat the squirrel and mouse on top of the trees! J (14m) was very interested in thrusting objects into the snow and, once handed a wooden hammer, was in his element destroying mini-mountains! Great fun!


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