Slugs at Brockholes

Today I “just” had my four and we took Grandad and Nannie C to Brockholes Nature Reserve. A fantastic time was had by all! We did the circular walk around the reserve, which is very buggy friendly. N (13m) is very steady on his feet now and toddled along a fair bit of the way. We were in no rush and he got a much more hands-on experience on his own two feet instead of being confined to the buggy the whole time.


L (nearly 7) was totally freaked out by the abundance of slugs on the paths, particularly those through the woods. N and A (nearly 3) on the other hand were very intrigued! N got brave and decided to stroke one – he had to lie down first to do it though. He was not impressed with its texture and quickly recoiled – as did the slug!

We had our picnic lunch in one of the hides, watching the swans and Canadian Geese. The grass to the sides of the path was very long and full of wild flowers, snails, butterflies and various creepy crawlies. Crouching down to A’s height gave me a real insight into the walk from his perspective – a positive jungle! The walk culminated at the children’s play area and we spent another hour there swinging, climbing and shovelling small pebbles. All in all, an excellent 4 hours. We will definitely be back again this summer.

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