Salt Dough Creations

The morning after the cousins’ sleepover we decided to bake some salt dough creations.¬†Everyone had a bowl, 1 cup of plain flour, 1 cup of table salt and water to mix. It should be added that N’s version was without the salt, due to the inevitability of an 11 month old eating it! “I’m in my highchair, I’m wearing a bib – what else would I do with it?!?!”

Once the dough was well mixed, there was general rolling and cutting with very liberal sprinkling of additional flour “to stop it sticking to the table”. Biscuits and cakes were being made and someone commented that the dough “smelt like barmcakes”. L (6) made a little plaque with the Olympic rings stamped into it “to take into school”. Her cousin (also 6) set about making a door hanger with her name on it. (We made holes at the top so that she could thread some ribbon through once it had been baked and painted.) L decided to make some pretend “biscuits” for our food box with the letters of her name stamped on.


A wanted to use the dinosaur cutters but his dough was a bit too sticky so he settled for pushing the cutter half way into the dough to make an outline and then added footprints all around the edge with one of his plastic toy dinosaurs. His cousin (4) absolutely loved the feel of the dough in his hands and spent a long time kneading, shaping and generally squashing it. He then decided to hide the dinosaur within the dough and did a pretty good job – you can just about see it poking through in the last picture.


All in all, the five older children (aged 2-6) sat engrossed for a good hour and a half making their dough creations. There was a lot of discussion and borrowing of ideas from one another. Inevitably, one of them decided to taste it and remarked that it was “disgusting” – so they all tried it. An easy lesson in healthy eating – none of them understand why anyone would EVER want to add salt to their meal if THAT’S what it tastes like!


The children’s creations then went into the oven at 100c for 3 hours, turned over half-way through. The cousins’ creations were sent home with them and our kids painted theirs the following day. A huge success all round!


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