Roald Dahl Day

Today is Roald Dahl Day, in official recognition of this amazing author’s birthday. Although the little ones have yet to discover the brilliance that is Roald Dahl, we thought we would celebrate the day with some suitably messy craft activities.


Our first source of inspiration was The Twits, or more precisely Mr. Twit’s beard. Mr Twit has the most disgusting beard in history with all sorts of putrid food items stuck within it. So vile is Mr Twit that he occasionally digs into this filthy larder to eat scraps of fish, cornflakes and cheese, but for some reason he thinks that his horrible hairy beard makes him look dignified.


To begin with, we needed LOTS of glue:

We added shredded tissue paper to build it up a bit and lots of brown paint (with added glue for good measure!)


Craft is always most satisfying to N (2y) when he is not entirely sure whether he is supposed to be making such a mess!

Next we added bits of food and a few leaves and twigs from the garden!


Here’s a close-up of N’s finished beard – he really went to town!

Having set the beards aside to dry, we continued with our supposedly less messy Big Friendly Giant ears inspired by The BFG.


Very cleverly (or so I thought), I totally avoided the use of the phrase, “Paint your ears.” (You may remember that a while back, I slipped up when we had drawn outlines of the boys on the patio with chalk by instructing them, “Now colour yourselves in”…)

Then this happened:

(Phew – painted sides on the outside)

More painting:


Followed by this:


And here we have them (or at least two of them): our Big Friendly Twits!


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