Plants, Bugs and a Mermaid’s Lagoon!

Dare I say it but summer may be here at last… This morning we headed off to Old Oak Nurseries in Hoghton where A chose a whole range of bedding plants for our raised bed. Colour scheme? Who needs a colour scheme! A 2-year old chooses plants based mainly on impulse. Oh – and name – we also came home with an agapanthus called “Peter Pan” that took his fancy! A’s favourite thing about gardening was the watering – nothing’s changed there, then!

During the course of the morning, there was much digging in the soil and the unearthing of various creepy crawlies. We found lots of worms – A was very impressed with a “daddy worm” that must have measured 20cm. He had to pick them all up of course – the worms, millipedes and woodlice. Wasn’t too keen on the slugs though… The planting soon turned into a bug hunt as we lifted back foliage and stones to reveal nature’s treasures. Baby frogs are back in our garden this year (see if you can spot one on the bottom left picture) and we found a huge beetle that was too fast for him!


Later on, when the girls came home from school, A was joined by H (aged 5; his partner in all things messy and intricate) in the sand pit. The experts refer to it as “open-ended play”, where children simply go with the flow with objects that have multiple uses and infinite possibilities. They spent a good hour adding a lot of water, leaves from the garden and seashells. The empty plant pots were then introduced, together with some daisies and the result was a mermaid’s lagoon. Excellent!

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