Pasta Necklaces

The boys have been quite interested in the lacing cards recently so we decided to expand on this and made necklaces by threading penne pasta onto shoe laces.


It was quite tricky getting the shoelace through the pasta and out the other end but our 1 and 2 year olds persevered.


This was a great activity for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through active learning.


The boys persisted with the activity even when some of the pasta fell off again.


They maintained their focus until they had threaded all the penne onto their shoelace.


And they were rightly very proud of their accomplishments.


Next came the painting. The necklaces moved about on the table as they were being painted.

F (22m) decided to paint the shoelace as well as the penne.

Everybody was hard at work.

We talked about the colours of the paint we were using and we shared the paint pots, swapping the colours back and forth.

And of course, we regularly stopped to admire our handiwork!

Ta daa!

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