Paper Weights

The sun was shining again today so we decided to take the craft activity outside. This was a great move and something that I will be repeating – the boys loved the greater freedom to move around the low table outside. We were transforming large pebbles into paper weights and making accompanying birthday cards for special people in the boys’ lives. They all got stuck in straight away with no encouragement needed!


Having started off with one pot of paint each, the boys were soon keen to add a second colour to their stone. At this point they discovered something very exciting: colour mixing. They had each transferred quite a lot of each colour to their respective stones and the two younger boys spent a good while mixing the two colours together with their paintbrushes while I talked to them about the changing colours.


A (3y) was keen to start on his birthday card and soon discovered that he could roll his pebble across the card to make a pattern:

N (2y) quickly followed suit:

J (20m) watched and was about to pick up his pebble to roll it when he realised how incredibly wet with paint it was. He took one look at the yellow palm of his hand and instantly started making hand prints on his card:

He really enjoyed the feeling of the paint on his skin and squeezed his hand into a fist, making the paint ooze out between his fingers:

In the meantime, there was much rolling of pebbles at the other side of the table:

Next came the glitter, which was used liberally on both the stones and the cards:

A bit more paint for good luck:

And some ribbon from the craft cupboard:

We left everything outside to dry in the sun and later on, the pebbles were coated with PVA glue to seal them.

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