Painting with Conkers

We have been playing with conkers and pine cones recently. The children have spent time scooping them and putting them into pots, baking them in the toy oven, stirring them in cups of tea, sharing them out and transporting them around in vehicles.


Today we decided to use conkers in our craft activity. We put a piece of paper in the bottom of a washing up bowl and squeezed some paint on. This was very liberating as the boys do not often get their hands on the full bottles of paint!


Next, they dropped half a dozen conkers each into their bowls.

N positioned his conkers carefully on top of his splodges of paint, not sure what was going to happen next.

Much rolling and shaking followed. J was a bit under the weather and did not have much energy for this but loved the results when given a helping hand.

J got stuck straight in and soon decided that more paint was needed. He then dashed off into the lounge for more conkers too!

We got through many sheets of paper. (If you fancy trying this, make sure you have plenty of space to put the finished masterpieces.)

N then decided to take his conkers out of his bowl and roll them on a piece of paper by hand. (He then tried to pick the paper up, conkers and all, and they rolled all over the kitchen floor!)

Great fun!

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