Ofsted Inspection!

Last week has proven to be the busiest so far since I embarked upon my new career as a childminder. On Tuesday morning, I had my first Ofsted inspection. The inspector arrived at 9:30 and stayed an admittedly gruelling 5 hours! The inspection was not aided by the fact that my youngest child N (14m) was suffering from a yet-to-be-diagnosed ear infection. Added to that was the fact that EYFS 2012 came into force on 1 September and with it, a whole new set of inspection criteria, under which I am one of the first to be inspected.


Regulations state that new childminders must be inspected within 7 months of registration (which for me was back in March). Having found my first mindees and undergone settling in visits and a few half days, my inspection was actually carried out on my 10th full day of childminding! Nerve-racking was an understatement but the inspector was lovely and gave me a lot of positive feedback. You should be able to read my inspection report in another week or so as soon as it is published on the Ofsted website.

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