Muddy Puddles in the Sun

Who says that you can’t have muddy puddles on a sunny day? We decided to make our own! N (22m) and F (18m) were enjoying the water in the garden today when I introduced them to the idea that they could pour it onto the builder’s tray. It didn’t take long before they put 2+2 together, used their initiatives and climbed onto the tray themselves for some puddly fun in the sun.


We had been planting the sunflower seedlings into the garden earlier in the day, hence some very muddy wellies which made for a satisfyingly puddly mixture!

Just a small amount of water first:

“Hey – what are you doing N? Can I join in?”

“Move over a bit.”

“This extra bucket full of water is great.”

Splashing – one of childhood’s simple pleasures!


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