This week we’ve played quite a lot with moonsand. This is incredibly easy to make: 8 cups of flour to 1 cup of vegetable oil and mix well. (The pictures show twice this amount.) Aprons are advisable because flour is… well – floury! Also be aware that moonsand spilt on a tiled floor can be very slippery. We sat at the table with ours and tipped it into our builder’s tray.

The boys made some great tracks in the moonsand with the trucks and F (13m) in particular spent time loading and emptying them. We crashed into moonsand towers and somehow the dinosaurs ended up in there as well! N (17m) spotted them on the side and made it quite clear that he wanted them. He then did a lot of fierce roaring whilst manoeuvring them through the moonsand landscape.

A few days later and J (13m) was introduced to the moonsand. He took delight in the moonsand’s very tactile qualities and enjoyed simply picking it up, sprinkling it, squeezing it, poking his fingers and hands into it etc.

H (5y) and A (3y) worked as a team to make a moonsand monster. First of all, they buried the styracosaurus dinosaur in the moonsand so that only its head remained and then set about molding a new larger body which was adorned with back plates made from pebbles. Later on, Star Wars figures were introduced to “ride” on the beast. Excellent fun!


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