A few weeks ago, the children made their own ham and pineapple pizzas for lunch. It was a great hit and they wanted to do this again – soon! So today we made quiche for lunch. They loved the experience, it was a great opportunity to talk about different food groups and healthy eating and their plates were clean at the end.


First of all, we made the pastry. Rubbing the fat into the flour was tricky (but good for our fine motor skills) and then we stirred in the water.

Next, we kneaded the dough. Lots of squashing, squeezing and pounding!

Followed by rolling. We looked at the quiche dishes, which were round and we tried to roll our pastry into round circles.

We added our fillings: (cooked and cooled) bacon, onion, brocolli, sweetcorn and cheese.

We cracked then whisked our eggs and milk together before pouring the mixture on.

Ta daa!

Yummy yummy :-) :-)

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