Lunch Menu

I provide home-cooked lunches and encourage a positive attitude towards healthy eating. Here is a taste of what the children eat. I take portions from our family meals, refrigerate or freeze them and then reheat them thoroughly.

  Spaghetti Bolognaise

  Roast Dinner

  Tuna Pasta Bake

  Mince and Dumpling

  Quiche and Baked Beans

(The children made this one themselves – see our blog of 23 March)

  Creamy Bacon Penne

 Lancashire Hotpot

 Fish Pie (salmon and haddock)

Other typical meals include stew, casserole, cottage pie, chilli. Sometimes the children make their own lunch, eg. pizza or quiche and if we go out for the day, we may take a picnic lunch with us instead.


In addition to a hot lunch, I also provide snacks mid-morning and after the school run. At least one snack is fresh fruit (apple, banana, pear, grapes, melon, satsuma – occasionally pineapple, berries, kiwi). Typical non-fruit snacks are toast, breadsticks, cheese and crackers, hot cross buns, malt loaf, fruit toast. Biscuits are provided at some toddler groups.

Fresh drinking water is always available and I also provide 200ml of milk per day for children over 12 months. Juice may be available at some toddler groups. Infant formula and bottles (if required) should be provided by you and I am happy to either refrigerate pre-prepared bottles or make up bottles on demand.

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