Jump by Number

We have been doing a lot of chalking outdoors on the patio recently and I read something about extending this to the trampoline. So when the girls came home from school, they found the numbers 1-10 chalked around the edge of it.

To begin with, the game was to jump onto the number that was called (if the number was too far away, you were allowed an extra jump into the middle).

This lasted for some time and then we started calling out sums. So, for example, H would shout “5+2″ and L would have to jump onto 5 followed by 2 followed by 7. We did subtraction in the same way and jumped round in twos and then threes.

N (2y), not to be outdone by his big sisters, couldn’t wait to get a piece of the action and raced round and round in a circle shouting “2, 3, 4, 5, 6…”

We’re going to try out some simple spelling with letters next time. This should help A (nearly 4y) with his letter recognition before he starts primary school in September.


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