In touch with Nature

Today, N (21m) and F (17m) spent a lovely morning at Cuerden Valley Park. Being outdoors is a great sensory experience and I always try to draw the children’s attention to the various sights, smells, sounds and textures that we encounter. Today we found:


A bright shiny padlock on a gate and some amazing trees. We enjoyed crunching on the fallen leaves and twigs and searched for creepy crawlies.


Unfortunately, there were no birds on the small pond that we reached so N and F insisted on sampling the crusts themselves! (No flies on them – they recognised that Warburtons bread packet in the buggy and were quite insistent – despite having already devoured a banana each minutes earlier!)

F found moss growing on a nobbly tree trunk.

He also picked up a few stones and beech husks from the ground and on the way back, was intrigued by the feel of some catkins on a bush that we passed.


The outdoors is a great learning environment for young children and so much of what they encounter is new to them. Hurry up sunshine so that those mittens can come off a bit more often!

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