Halloween Saltdough Creations

First we made some saltdough. This should be incredibly easy to make: 1 cup flour, 1 cup salt, 1/2 cup water. Unfortunately, the first attempt was incredibly runny and I soon realised that I had given the boys 1 cup of water each. After some frantic rummaging in the cupboard for a new bag of salt, we ended up with twice the intended amount!!!

The boys know the drill by now: roll it out, cut it out, put it in the oven.


Nathan enjoyed cutting the dough with his knife.

He cut out a lovely window for his haunted house.

The saltdough needs to bake on a low heat (100c) for a good few hours. You can tell it is ready because it goes rock hard, which is the idea. If you want to hang your finished masterpiece up with ribbon later on, you need to make holes in it before it goes in the oven (the wrong end of a pencil is ideal for this).


The following day, we painted our masterpieces.

Check out J’s precision pumpkin painting.

J also did a great job with this bat/snake combination. He started to paint the snake green and I encouraged him to only paint the snake and not get any on the bat in the middle. He did a really good job, carrying on to paint the bat black just as perfectly. His concentration with this was admirable. (He then went on to paint over the snake again in black, just for good measure.)

Here are N and J’s finished masterpieces. I love the spooky ghosts at the top that we made from the boys’ footprints.

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