Growing Sunflowers

During March, one of the most popular stories in our book box was a fantastic picture book called Ten Seeds  by Ruth Brown, which I would recommend to anybody. The book follows the life cycle of a sunflower and is wonderfully illustrated – N (22m) loves spotting all the different creepy crawlies hidden in the soil! It is also great for some early counting skills.


About a month ago we planted our own sunflower seeds. A (3y) sang a great song to himself, washing the plant pots in preparation while N and J napped. “Wash the pots, wash the pots, make them nice and clean…”

We labelled the pots with stickers so that everyone knew which were their sunflowers.

J and F (both 18m) took two pots home, as well as leaving two here.


The seeds took about a week to germinate. A’s was the first seedling to appear.


We have been looking at the plants each week and watering them.


This week it was time to plant them into the garden.



The boys were quite inspired by the planting out. They collected dandelions and other weeds to make their own little garden, which was then subjected to some very heavy downpours and transformed into a lovely muddy swamp!

Watch this space to see how our sunflowers fair this summer.

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