Foam Shapes and Water

Here is a really simple and mess-free way to have some fun water play indoors or out. Today, this filled in a ten minute gap between waking up from nap-time and setting off on the school run.


You can purchase a large number of foam bath toys that “magically” stick to the tiled wall of your bathroom. We have a tub of foam letters and some road track and vehicles that we arrange on our bathroom wall. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money as any foam + water will stick to a tiled/glass surface. You can pick up packs of foam sheets from craft shops or even your local supermarket and cut them into any shape you desire. (Older children can of course cut them themselves).


Here is F (18m) dipping his shapes into the water.

And here he is applying them to the patio door. We talked about shapes and colours as he applied each foam piece to the glass. We also talked about position (high, low, next to, under).


F enjoyed creating his masterpiece on an upright surface and discovered that he could slide the pieces around using his index finger.

One piece dropped off and landed on his toes, which he found very amusing (we had removed socks just in case of spillages).

After the school run, we moved the foam shapes and water table outside and the older children chose to arrange the pieces together to make pictures – a person, house etc. I really wish I had taken some photos!


This activity was a real hit and could also be used as a sorting activity, to group different colours or shapes together. You could also apply shapes to one side of the window and ask the child to apply matching shapes to the other side. For A, who will be starting school in September, I am going to make some foam numbers for some counting activities.

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