Learning through Play

My emphasis is on having fun and learning through child-led play. I aim to provide a variety of enrichening activities, toys and experiences for the children in my care,¬†appropriate to each child’s age and stage of development.¬†These will be both indoors and outdoors, planned and spontaneous. Children learn best when they are having fun, when they are interested and excited about what they are doing and when they are building on what they already know and can do. Play is always flexible to changing circumstances and unexpected events.

I observe children playing and then plan further activities to support their development in accordance with the EYFS framework. Where possible, I plan activities around topics that are of particular interest to the children themselves. So, for example, children playing with the dinosaurs may be encouraged to take them outside into the sand pit. We may read a dinosaur-themed story. Alternatively, we may bake dinosaur-shaped biscuits or do a dinosaur craft activity. Children learn best when they are doing something that they really enjoy. A young child may become bored counting buttons but happily add up the number of dinosaurs in a sandpit.

Children and their families are very welcome to suggest or recommend ideas for activities, toys, games and other equipment. I am also very happy to support activities/events that are occurring in your own home, eg. a wedding, new baby or trip to the dentist. I can continue the theme by providing materials for dressing up and role play and help the child to understand the event through photographs, books and other resources.

In addition to the facilities on offer in my setting, I will take your child on a variety of appropriate outings to local toddler groups, playgrounds, parks, libraries etc. During the day, I use television solely for educational purposes (eg. children’s programmes about cultural events/themes we are following) and limit my own children’s television usage after school. I will spend 100% of my time with your child actively promoting their learning and development.