Decorating Pumpkins

With Halloween nearly upon upon us, I decided to introduce the boys to the art of pumpkin decorating. This has become a tradition in our house, with my husband eagerly carving out our kids’ designs onto the pumpkins (and then trying to upstage them all with his own version)!


As our youngest artists are not yet at the stage of being able to draw their own designs onto the pumpkins, we concentrated on the decorating rather than carving. The boys were here on separate days, so this post is a mixture of the two decorating sessions.


First of all, we cut the pumpkin open and scooped out the insides. This provided some fascinating sensory play. J (11m) watched eagerly as the pumpkin’s contents were revealed but was not too impressed by the slimey textures presented to him. F (11m) concentrated hard on trying to pick up a few very slippery pumpkin seeds.


I quickly carved a face into the pumpkin and then helped J to stick some felt stickers all over the pumpkin. This proved tricky as they kept sticking to little fingers but he showed a lot of determination in getting the stickers onto his pumpkin. J then watched eagerly as I poured a mixture of black paint and PVA glue directly onto the top of the pumpkin. Admittedly, I may have used a bit too much paint!


When it was F’s turn a few days later, we used a bit less black paint/PVA mixture but there was still plenty for him to spread around. Having spread the black mixture all over the top of his pumpkin, he studied his hands carefully and spent some time rubbing them together to ensure an even black coating all over the palms of both hands.


We then shook some glitter on and some shiny stars. The boys had a whale of a time.


There were a few hairy moments when J decided to roll the pumpkin across the table but luckily I caught it before it ended up on the floor. I am still not sure how I managed not to cover the camera, myself or the floor in sticky black paint and cleaning up the boys probably took longer than cleaning up the table! They went home with black fingernails… and a lovely pumpkin each, which I am told will be lit at Halloween.

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