Cousins at Cuerden

Today my husband and I took our four plus their two cousins to Cuerden Valley Park for the afternoon. Much fun was had by six very energetic young children – and two (by the end of it) exhausted adults! We dipped in and out of the trees, playing hide and seek and “tightrope walking” on fallen tree trunks. We fed the geese and ducks at the lake and then the kids each collected as many fir cones as they could carry.

L (6) collected the most (38) and also had the largest one. H (5) found the smallest. We then discussed who had the most unusual fir cone. Their cousin had one that looked like it had been “eaten by a squirrel”. L had a few still attached to branches and H had one that had been “squashed by a Gruffalo.” N’s, on the other hand, had been chewed by an 11 month old boy…

The two older boys had scattered theirs far and wide before we were able to study them… they had much fun climbing onto a tree stump and jumping off again and again while the girls pondered the fir cones.


After that, we collected twigs and more fir cones and played Pooh Sticks with them from the little bridge. On the walk back, we hid in the bushes and repeatedly ambushed my husband, who was bringing up the rear with N in the buggy. The kids all chose a twig which became their magic wand and turned us and each other into numerous different animals, creatures and objects – ranging from frogs to dragons to a biscuit! Imagination – you can’t beat it. It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.


Here are the kids, fleeing the dragon they magicked up.

And finally – an impromptu musical session with the “wands” on the bridge railings!

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