Today the weather was glorious so we donned suncream and sunhats, packed a picnic and headed off to Brockholes Nature Reserve.


We studied some cows and had to work out how to get through a gate:


We noticed our shadows while we walked:

We found some mole hills:

And some spiky grass:


We stopped to pick up handfuls of gravel and let it slip through our fingers (J’s idea!)

We discussed why this large post had a chain attached to it. A (3y) thought that it might have been for tethering animals. F (36y) suggested that it was probably an old gate post and that the chain would have been used with a padlock to hold the gate shut.


It’s hungry work, this walking. Time to stop for something to eat:

The bluebells were amazing and there were plenty of tree trunks for J (18m) to try out his climbing skills on:

There were lots of very tall trees:


As we approached the playground, N was intrigued by this arrangement of stones and sticks:

By this time, J had fallen fast asleep and unfortunately, missed the playground experience.



As we left Brockholes, we saw one of the new hopefully vandal-proof metal hides being delivered. I find it very sad that this beautiful nature reserve, enjoyed by many, is also the target of thieves who have robbed the car park machines and vandals who have burnt down the wooden hides…



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