Birdwatch Update

We carried out our our Big Garden Birdwatch on Sunday 27 January in the afternoon. As you may recall, the weather was freezing and we managed to spot a grand total of 1 wood pigeon, 1 blackbird and 2 bluetits – quite disappointing really and admittedly, the children lost interest because of the lack of birdlife in the garden.


Typically, the following Wednesday, our garden was graced with the presence of our resident sparrowhawk eating its kill in the middle of the back lawn! This is the third time he has done this since we first spotted him in November 2010…

Our new nesting box is now up in the hope that we may see some bluetit chicks later in the year… Stay away Mr. Sparrowhawk!

And we have had some visitors to our home-made bird feeders, which we hung on various trees as well as the washing line post.

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