Big Butterfly Count 2013 – Creating

With the Big Butterfly Count 2013 underway, we have been joining in by taking note of the butterflies around us – in books and stories, in the garden, out and about. It wasn’t long before we decided to create our own butterflies.


The younger boys enjoyed making symmetrical butterfly prints:


L (7y) spent a long time painting very detailed butterflies:


A (3y) did the same:

As well as spending a long time carefully choosing the correct colours for his Very Hungry Caterpillar picture:


And a dot-to-dot, which he painted as well:


A few days later, I set up a playdough table outside and started to play with the dough myself, making butterflies. The boys watched for a while and couldn’t resist joining in.


Here is F (21m) pressing beads and googly eyes into his dough:

N (2y) used the shells to make imprints in his butterfly’s wings:

He also tried folding his butterfly in two to see what would happen (as we had done with the paper during the painting activity). Great initiative!

Meanwhile, F’s butterfly acquired some feathery antennae!


The Big Butterfly Count runs 20 July – 11 August this year. You can find more information and download your own spotting sheets from


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