Astley Park

Today we went to Astley Park in Chorley. Walking into the park, we stopped to watch some tree surgeons removing a branch from a massive oak tree. A (3y) found this very exciting as the man was suspended from the tree with ropes and the one year olds were very intrigued by the sound of his chainsaw.


Inside the park, first stop was Pets Corner:


After washing our hands, a quick snack and onto the playground:


A leisurely amble towards the duck pond, interrupted by some marching along the white lines on the football pitch:


And of course, no trip to Astley Park would be complete without feeding the birds on the pond:

The mallards (and black headed gulls):

The swan (the black headed gulls remain poised, close by):

And one lone Mandarin duck (did I mention the black headed gulls?!):

We had a great morning. It was still a bit cold, mainly due to the wind. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up so that we can spend a lot more time outdoors.



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