All Creatures Great and Small

We have been making the most of this sunny weather and spending a lot of time in the garden recently and today was no exception. The geraniums are currently in full bloom and attracting a lot bees so I took the boys over to show them.

There must have been a dozen bees on the plant when we first arrived and the boys enjoyed scanning the flowers for them and pointing them out. J (19m) made some great “bzzzz” noises!

We talked about the bees (small, stripy, furry) and how they were moving (flying, buzzing). We talked about what they were doing to the flowers and how it was important never to touch them because they may sting us and that would hurt.

I then asked the boys what other types of creatures we might find in the garden. N (23m) immediately looked around, spotted a pigeon, proclaimed, “Bird!” and set off after it, while J looked on, bemused.

After the pigeon had disappeared, N said, “Nail!” and led me to a part of the garden where he knows we can always find snails.


At this time of year our garden is usually home to frogs so next, I guided the boys over to the long grass where they are usually to be found. We pulled the grass back and sure enough discovered two little frogs – one much larger than the other, which N immediately referred to as, “Baby fog!”

Here is N, having a good look at our little friend.

The frog dutifully hopped about, providing some entertainment for our young audience and provoking some new vocabulary (hop, jump, fast, far, high).

The boys loved watching the frog but were a little unsure and kept their distance. At one point, J motioned that he would really like to touch the frog but he just couldn’t bring himself to get close enough.


Remember those pebbles from the previous post? Well at this point, the boys switched interest and spontaneously started putting them into a large wicker basket.

They were careful to scour the whole patio hunting for pebbles and even found a couple of stones that were not from the original bag. A few twigs were added for good measure…

And a frisbee…

Then came the weight-lifting… They tried separately and then together, with one handle each. N managed to lift his side of the basket a couple of inches off the ground but to be honest, they were fighting a losing battle!

Oh well – if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

The pebbles are currently all inside the basket with 4 plastic pterodactyls arranged on top. (We were reading Caryl Hart’s How to Grow a Dinosaur  when this occurred.)


A while later, I spotted a moth perched on a leaf. It was motionless and I could tell that the boys weren’t really sure what it was at all – perhaps it was just a bit of twig?

With a little encouragement, it took flight and landed on my leg. The boys weren’t sure whether this was a good thing or not and N was somewhat concerned.

I let the moth crawl onto my hand and we had a good look at it. J found the whole experience very exciting!

Then he was very brave and decided that he wanted to hold the moth. Here he is:

The boys had a great time in the garden. I observed them going back to the long grass a few times, searching for frogs on their own and studying flowers and plants in the hope of seeing something move. Later on when we went back inside, N found  a toy phone lying about and totally of his own accord, started “photographing” plastic creatures that he placed strategically around the lounge. Here he is with his frog:

And his spider:


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