A Week in the Life…

We have been up to all sorts over the past week and time is short, so here are some of the highlights:


On Monday H (5) wanted to help with tea and made pizza for all of us. She chose ham, pineapple, grapes, spinach and lots of cheese! Yum!

On Wednesday, we went to Astley Park for the morning with friends. We fed the ducks and animals and had a wander. N (1yr) loved the freedom to toddle around and did a lot of walking to and fro, picking up sticks, leaves and anything of interest.

On Saturday, the girls made fairy gardens with some playdough, imitation flowers, stones, pine cones, shells etc.

On Sunday, we spent the day with friends and took along some playdough in various flavours: chocolate, marzipan and pink glittery. Everybody joined in as we created sweets, cakes and goodies for our sweet shop. They smelt delicious. The girls made little paper signs with prices on and then we took it in turns visiting the 2 sweet shops and purchasing bags full of (unfortunately non-edible!)treats.

Busy busy! I wonder what this week will bring… The playdough is still very popular. H (5) immediately got it out again today, as soon as she got back from school.



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