A Picture Paints 1000 Words

Today, J (11m) was let loose with the paints and had a thoroughly wonderful messy half hour or so!

First of all he tried to pick the paint up with his fingers. Then he spent some time examining his brightly coloured hands. Having been shown the marks he could make on the paper with them, he soon got into the swing of things. We had some general mark making, some waving arms about in excitement and lots of turning the paper over. Who decided that you can’t paint a picture on both sides at once?!


Having got through several sheets of paper, J turned his attention to the polystyrene plate that I had squeezed the paint onto. It made a delightful noise as it cracked and J looked rather pleased with himself when he managed to break a piece off. He promptly used it as a tool to make marks in the paint on the plate. Maybe I should just have given the poor boy a paintbrush in the first place!


Next, I presented J with an empty loo roll. He enjoyed covering it in paint with his hands and then discovered that it rolled across the table or paper. This was great and he could squeeze it as well and make it change shape.


J loved the whole painting experience – more so than the gloop we tried a few weeks back. And of course he loved all the splashing involved in washing his hands afterwards! Painting with little ones is great – J had a lovely bag full of paintings (plus two loo rolls!) to take home for Mummy and Daddy – but as you can see from the photos, it’s a lot more about the process than the finished product.

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