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MythTV 2012

I’ve been using MythTV since 2004 (wow, that makes me feel old), and have been using the same hardware setup since January 2006. It’s been a very reliable system which has given my family and I hours of viewing pleasure, but as I’ve just ordered a new LG LED Smart TV, I’ll be slowly bringing it up-to-date.

The plan is to move my big (but very quiet) backend/frontend box out of the living room. First step is to try to do away with a frontend altogether and use the DLNA features of the TV to access the content. I can see some flaws with that plan already – I will only be able to access MythTV recordings, not live TV. So I will not be able to pause live TV via Myth, although there is an option on the telly to pause live TV if a USB device is connected.

I also have a large collection of DVDs backed up as directories in VIDEO_TS VOB format. Those cannot be streamed via DLNA either.

Also, I won’t be able to schedule or delete recordings from the TV.

So, DLNA isn’t a great replacement for a proper frontend, but I’ll give it a try and see if it will get me by while I get some new hardware sorted.

MythTV Guide Updated

I’ve recently updated my MythTV guide. It was getting quite out of date, so I’m sorry if I’ve confused anyone.

My fourth child, Nathan, was born this month so I’ve been extremely busy!

I’ve included updated information on DVB-S2 for Freesat HD and also some information on Freeview HD, plus lots more stuff on supported tuner cards. If you spot any mistakes be sure to let me know.


MythTV and the Winter Hill Switchover

On November 4th, BBC One and BBC Two were moved to a new transport on the Winter Hill/Granada transmitter. I retuned my MythTV box, but it did not picked up either channel. After trying out a few things it turns out that I had to tick the “ignore signal timeouts” box and retune the 801833000 transport. Made me realise just how much my household watches BBC 1 and 2!

Freesat channel scan fixed!

After weeks of pulling my hair out, I’ve finally sorted my channel scanning problem and got BBC HD! The breakthrough was that it all worked in Windows, which narrowed it down to software on the Linux side. I’d tried scans with 3 different applications, which meant that it was either the firmware or the Linux DVB drivers causing the issue.

Because I’m on Intrepid with a 2.6.27 kernel (it all works on 2.6.28) I’d previously compiled the latest DVB drivers as described here:

So, I went through the process again with the latest snapshot of the v4l-dvb tree and… all transponders scan OK, including transponder 50 which has BBC HD. Phew!

Someone must have broken the v4l-dvb driver at the point I downloaded and compiled it the first time. A lot of effort wasted due to a bit of bad luck :-(

MythTV Guide Updated

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted here. I guess that’s what having 2 little children does for you. Even though Hannah is worth it, I’ve unfortunately been neglecting my MythTV guide (better than neglecting my kids!). I also moved house, so now spend 2 hours a day sitting in traffic, but that’s another story.

The point is that I’ve finally brought my Ubuntu MythTV guide up-to-date for Intrepid. The main changes were in the Radio Times XMLTV section. As I now use the EIT, that info had got very out-of-date, but hopefully the scripts should be working again now.

The guide should have some new sections over the next few weeks because I’ve ordered a DVB-S2 FreeSat card. I’m planning on adding a second backend with a big disk to run this card. When I get it all working I’ll be sure to post instructions!

Mythtv 0.21 in Gutsy Backports

(No, “Gutsy Backports” has nothing to do with what curry I had last night…)

Following on from my last post, if you can’t wait for Hardy to be released, MythTV 0.21 is now available for Ubuntu 7.10 in the Gutsy Backports repository. Just adding the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list and it should be installed automatically as an update:

deb gutsy-backports main restricted universe multiverse

MythTV 0.21 on Ubuntu

Well, MythTV 0.21 is out and has quite a lot of interesting new features. See the release notes for more details.

Of most interest to me are:

  • The ability to do multiple recording on the same DVB multiplex.
  • Storage groups, allowing recorded files to be stored in different places very easily. Great if you run out of disk space, which happens to us all!
  • Reduced mythfrontend memory consumption by upto 75% depending on theme and resolution.

If you run Ubuntu, I’d suggest waiting until next month when Hardy is released and doing an upgrade. Hardy comes with 0.21 and I’ve heard that it works fine. When it’s released (probably on April 24th) you’ll get a button in the “update manager” offering the upgrade. Just hit this and it will upgrade every element of your system to the latest version, including MythTV.

It should preserve all your recordings and settings. I’ve had no issues with this in the past, but it might be worth backing up your database first as a precaution:

mysqldump -u root mythconverg -c > mythconverg_020.dmp

Updated MythTV Guide

MythTV Banner

I’ve finally got round to updating my MythTV guide:

This is the most major change yet, with a complete new look for the site. I’m going to release site’s graphics as an Ubuntu desktop and usplash theme, so if you like it then watch this space!

As far as the guide goes, it’s had a thorough overhaul to make it more relevant to the new Feisty packages and it now focuses on the EIT TV listings rather than the Internet based XMLTV stuff, mainly because this is so much easier to get working and now has some advantages such as listings for digital radio.