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  1. Could you please confirm what you mean about Freeview HD not being supported on linux?

    Is this card specific support or separate LINUX support?

    E.g. the Blackgold BGT 3620 now has Ubuntu 11.10 drivers available – would this work withMythTV?

  2. What I said was “currently work out-of-the-box in Ubuntu”. However, Freeview HD does work on a couple of tuners if you are prepared to compile or install binary drivers yourself.

    I know little of the Blackgold card, but what I can say is that if they do offer Linux support then it should work with MythTV. It looks like a nice card.

  3. Thanks for the guide. It was quite helpful getting mythtv running. I used the classic desktop as you did (had to figure out to apt-get it before I could choose it). I did find some things in Ubuntu 11.10 that don’t seem to line up with what you have in your page. They are mostly details that you probably carried over from earlier versions and didn’t notice that they are different…

    /var/log/messages does not exist. Use /var/log/kern.log instead.

    Mythtv backend setup is now under Applications -> Other rather than
    System -> Admistration

    I am in the US and using ATSC for off the air. I found that channel icon loading did not work. No biggie…

    Still having some trouble with lirc. lircd seems to be running but I have not been able to find the config files in the usual places. Only the arrow keys seem to work. Wanted to use a previously set up config file. Any tips on this?

    I had a few other things but think those are related to my specific hardware – needed to add vmalloc=256MB to /etc/default/grub to get gui to load. Had purple vertical lines when viewing HD signals – Changed encoding after a google search.

  4. This site is very useful; thanks. Does any of your readers use one of the Blackgold cards yet?

    I built a Mythbuntu (11.04) box some months ago out of an old PC as an experiment, and it has worked very well. I’ve built up a new box to replace it with the latest Mythbuntu 11.10 and bought a Blackgold 3650 card to put in it. I’ve got the driver pack of .ko binary modules; depmod seems happy, but when I try to put them in with modprobe I get an “Invalid module format” error.

    Would love to find someone who’s successfully done it. Blackgold “support”, as others have noted, seems mute.


  5. That card is rather bleeding edge. I have no personal experience of it. All I can suggest is that you try the MythTV forums or continue to pester Blackgold support. As they produce Linux drivers you’d think they would be able to help you.

  6. I had one of the BlackGold cards (the BGT 3630), but could not get it to work with Linux (Mythbuntu 11.10). The binary drivers are available but the instructions are so poor, and the support was non-existent.

    I bought a TBS6820 instead, works like a charm and was half the price.

  7. hi there
    its awesome sir im student n i want to build this backend setup so sir plz guide me n plz send me the circuit diagram or tell me the connections how to connect these components i will be very grateful to u sir
    waiting for ur response

  8. i want to do a project ,which is based on using the commercial flagging feature of MythTV personal video recording software and interface it with a micro controller so that when a live television broadcast cuts to a commercial the flagging software will send voltage to a micro controller/servo/switch.
    so plz any one can help me

    1. The flagging software in Myth only runs as a background process after the show has been recorded. If you need something to flag commercials in real time then it may not be for you.

  9. Thought you might like to know – TBS have released thier new driver for the TBS 6280 card, which now allows DVB-T & T2 at the same time.

    I have it working with MythTV a treat, and can now watch and record the HD channels…



  10. Hello everyone and sorry but I am Italian and I do not speak english, this is a translation online.

    My problem is that I would like to see mkv files on PS3 as a server using mythtv upnp.
    The server is already up and everything works except just the mkv.


  11. There’s an android myth frontend now available. It’s a little beta quality right now but improving fast and definitely worth installing.

  12. Hi Gary,

    I have everything working fine and have done so for a few years. The one area for Freesat that always annoys me is the channel listings, and as you stated in your howto loads of rubbish and a few good ones.

    What I have done before is to create a script to hack around in the mysql database so that the channels are sensibly ordered – Eg. BBC1 at 1, BBC2 at 2 ITV1 at 3 … etc with all the rubbish on channels 500+ but this is a bit clunky and with each iteration of ubuntu (currently on 12.04) the script seems to be behaving worse.

    Is there a way to do this in an automated way in mythtv so that whenever I upgrade ubuntu I can get a sensible channel listing – automated is key as going through the 100′s of channels making invisible each time is no fun, and also I don’t get my nice bbc1, bbc2, itv1… channel ordering.

    Thanks, Paul.

  13. There are 2 sides to this. The first is to set the visible flag of any channels you are not interested in to false. This can be done using SQL or via Mythweb. That way, MythTV will never show you these channels so you can forget about them.

    The second concerns the numbering. of the channels you want to keep. Here is a simple script which may help, but I’m sure it’s similar to what you have already got:


    I don’t use it myself because I’m just on FreeView now and the channel numbering is pretty sane.

  14. Thanks Garry….

    Your Blogs about MythTV are awesome and up to date. This is goto page on INet for Myth beginners.

    May God bless you for this service to develpers community

  15. Been a while since I last visited – probably because my MythTV installation has been quite well behaved for a while now…

    People asked for feedback on the Blackgold 3650 quad DVB-T HD tuner and whether it can be made to work with MythTV, and I can confirm that it can – but I don’t recommend it.

    If anyone wants the details of problems encountered and overcome, take a look at http://www.mythtvtalk.com/blackgold-bgt3650-quad-dvb-t2-tuner-15446/

    I’ve got 2 basic reasons why I can’t recommend the card:

    Firstly, Blackgold only provide their Linux kernel modules as binaries for just one kernel release (at present 3.0.12). This is useless – I’m already running 3.2.something.

    Secondly, when I finally got it working, the quality of tuning was poor. Roughly 1 in 6 attempts to tune to a channel would result in a picture that was not watchable. This of course applied to both LiveTV and recordings, with the result that roughly 1 in 6 recordings would be junk.

    Perhaps they will improve their Linux support over time, but as nothing much seems to have changed since I tried my install 3 months ago, I doubt it…

  16. Thanks Garry, I followed your instructions not because MyTV, I just wanted to upgrade my Ubuntu hard drive. I would suggest you to use “gparted” after cloning the main hard drive. Thanks a lot.

  17. Hi,

    First. Thank you for your site. I have used it many times to get the settings for retuning my mythtv box.

    Second to let you know that it looks like the freesat hd settings changed this week according to the BBC website.

  18. Thanks Jim. With the help of an email from Kevin Bushell I’ve updated the info on the site. Thanks for flagging this to me.


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