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  1. Hi, you say within minutes you were watching live BBC HD TV on an Acer Revo. What Freesat USB tuner actually works with Ubuntu on the Revo? I’ve had a Tevii S660 and never got it to work – Karmic, Lucid or Maverick.

  2. Ah, I was using my Revo as a frontend only. My backend has a Hauppauge WinTV Nova-HD-S2 PCI card in it. I haven’t tried any USB DVB-S cards.

  3. Interestingly, it would appear that Freeview HD will not be available via Linux (from the BBC HD FAQ http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbchd/faqs.shtml):

    {quote}Why can’t I get Freeview HD on Linux or Myth TV recorders?

    The BBC only has limited distribution rights for many of the programmes we broadcast and we take measures to stop unauthorised sharing of programmes in order to protect the rights of programme contributors and other rights holders.

    All Freeview HD recorders include software which prevents copying to the internet in order to stop copyrighted material from being shared illegally online. This is sometimes called digital rights management (DRM), copy protection or content management. Linux and Myth TV recorders are not required to include this software so if we supported these systems we couldn’t honour our agreements with rights holders. We can’t support any products which do not implement content management controls. {/quote}

  4. Would you be able to write some simple instructions for upgrading an existing installation. I’m trying to go from 0.23 to 0.24 and cannot get the main backend to update – only the database.

  5. Thanks for this excellent tutorial. I followed all your instructions and it worked straight away on my Asrock 330 Ion, Hauppauge nova-t stick, Ubuntu 10.10. Cheers

  6. I followed your excellent tutorial to make the eventX static, however, I still have 1 problem now. After a few button presses on my remote, the remote seems to crash for 15 seconds. Then I can press some buttons again but after some presses, it hangs again.

    I tested this with IRW on Maverick with a SoundGraph iMon remote. Any suggestions or alternative ways to get a static eventX are more than welcome.


  7. A really great and straight forward tutorial or in other words a perfect installation guide for mythtv ! The necessary steps and samples for lirc where a great help and works as described.
    Testing currently mythtv with an IBM thinkcentre m51, p4, 1gb. (even with no video card yet) – a introduction section for linking / adding an existing media pool would be helpful for newbies.

    Best regards, Thanks, Dieter

  8. Hi Garry,

    the tip with the static link for lirc remote is good. Why not add a hint for multiple receiver cards as well ? (I had the problem, that after a reboot the adapter change their orders: sample:
    user:~$ ls /dev/dvb/adapter
    adapter0/ adapter1/ adapterHPCI/ adapterTSSK/

    adapterHPCI is my hauppage with ci slot and tssk is my plain technisat skystar 2

    again, a big ! for your site.

    have fun, Dieter

  9. Fantastic guide! I’ve tried with MythTV a few times and given up but your guide made it so simple I can’t believe how much trouble I had before!


  10. Excellent tutorial. Support of this caliber is desperately needed in the open-source community. I am commenting because I have hit a brick wall while trying to configure my remote. You seem to be very knowledgeable about the subject. Could you check out my thread at the Ubuntu Forums and possibly offer any advice if you get a chance? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


  11. Hi

    I’m working through the xmltv guide, as so far it’s looked too complex and tiresome to do it the way the mythtv wiki suggests.

    Only problem is that I DO have a mysql password (I set it up coz I thought I had to when I installed mythtv)…

    How can I either:

    a) run updateid with a password
    b) get rid of my mysql password?

    Thanks in advance… I’m really looking forward to getting this done and then getting on with setting up stuff using the rest of your site.



  12. Thank you. I got Mythtv working with your help. I paid £6.49 for the Mythtv special in “Linux Format” Magazine which was a waste of money. Thanks for straight forward unclunky clear English explanation.

    Regards T

  13. Good instructions, although a bit short on modern USB dual tuner setup, which can be tricky if not done in the right order to obtain multiplex recordings on both tuners.

    I’m using a headless backend next to my TV aerial and a fixed DHCP lease wifi connection to the LAN. I use VNC to talk to the Mythbuntu box, which is a refurbished 3GHz dual core with 1GB RAM and 2TB SATA. I use “Shepherd” here in Oz to nightly update the schedule and refill the Myth database via crontab.

    For playback, I use Ushare to an old 40GB PS3 connected via HDMI to the TV so the PS3 sees the Mythbuntu box as a Upnp media server. I was using the PS3 to record via MyTV but FAT32 file save limitations sent me to your site for a better solution.

    I’ve found Myth frontend can reset my remote desktop to Xfce if and when I reboot, so accessing the backend via mythweb is the best option in this case. The backend automatically restarts, logs in, and sets up wifi and Ushare if there’s a power outage.

    Using throw away parts from PC shops, $AUD129 for the SATA drive on special, your instructions and a bit of googling re the dual tuner setup, I was able to get the box built and running in a day.

    Good onya mate.

  14. Hi Stomfi,

    Nice modern setup you have there. I did admit that mine’s getting a bit long in the tooth now, but it works perfectly so there’s no point changing it yet!

  15. A sound site – thanks for the xmltv guide instructions – I found these very helpful along with some of the other pointers there.
    btw – you have a typo in the ‘hardware’ section of this page – a couple of words repeated.
    I’m using both a Nova DVB-S2 pci and a Tevii S650 USB. Both work very well with HD content, although the tvii was very fussy about the firmware rev – I just downloaded all the ones I could find and tested by elimination!

  16. MythTv Rocks, apart from when it goes wrong :) which is not often, but the page where it showed me how to test my cards, was a lifesaver.

    Thanks a million


  17. Hey there, you mentioned the problems you had with tv out on the old pundit. Well I’ve just got my hands on one off freecycle and trying to make a budget pvr, anyway you could share how you managed to get the tv out working with the ati card? Many thanks

  18. Good lord, that was a long time ago.

    Just had a look at my old notes and the first thing to try is the proprietary ATi driver. Go into Additional Drivers and see if one appears. It used to be called fglrx, but I haven’t used ATi in so long I couldn’t I’m not sure if this has changed. In my notes I actually had to hex edit the driver to get it to work! You shouldn’t have to do this with the latest version, that was probably 7 years ago.

  19. Only the driver for my tv tuner card has come up, nothing has come up for the on board graphics. I will try getting one from ATI’s website but don’t know if it will be suitable as it is so old. The idea of using freecycle to build this machine seemed great at the time! It’s the first time I’ve gone anywhere need a CLI so steep learning curve. Thanks for your help and quick reply.

  20. Unfortunately, I moved away from machines like the Pundit years ago due to this kind of issue. I wanted cheap, generic hardware which could be easily swapped for the most compatible component. It’s a noisy bugger as well.

    The CLI had a steep learning curve, but you may find you enjoy the power and speed it gives you once you’ve mastered the basics.

  21. I’ve found the fan quite quiet after start up, but then I’ve been used to a Bt vision box. Thanks for all your help with guides etc, don’t think I would’ve made it this far without them. If I do have success I will post again if not assume the worst

  22. Hi there,

    Just wondering what you mean when you say “SD only” on some of the tuners? Surely if they’re DVB-T or DVB-S tuners, it’s a matter of whether they support the transmission method where the HD service is carried or not?

    Fair enough if it’s because HD is carried on T2 or S2, but perhaps it’s a bit misleading to say the cards are SD only?

    Thanks for the great site!

  23. You’re right, but in the context of the UK cards can be classified as being SD or HD depending on what is transmitted in this country. Maybe I’m being too UK centric.

    In the UK you now need an T2 or S2 card to pick up HD.

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