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  1. I am using xampp to run a file sharing server on the computer that I just installed mythtv on. I am now unable to share files. How am I able to use mythtv on the same computer but without the online sharing of mythtv?


  2. Hi Owen,

    I’m not sure because I don’t run xampp, but my guess is that it’s something to do with MySQL, as they both use this database. Maybe the MythTV install changed some configuration or libraries? Try looking in the xampp logs for any database errors. May just be a permissions thing or something.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help,

  3. hello
    i install ubuntu 10.04 and mythtv
    but i cannt use it
    my tv card is masserati mc300 with philips 7130 chipset
    and ati 2950 radeon graphic
    motherboard via m266a

  4. Hi
    I am setting up an Acer Revo as a MythTV client. It has Lucid installed, with the MythTV frontend from Jaunty. The reason for this is that the MythTV server is running Hardy with MthTV 0.21, so the Revo needs a compatible MythTV version.

    Looking at your Revo notes, I see you have used cpufreq-set to control the frequency stepping. Did this just work on your Karmic install? On my box, with “sudo cpufreq-set –min 1.8g” I get an error message suggesting that a governer is not loaded or not available. Any suggestions?

  5. Thanks for the link Garry. Actually, I haven’t run MythTV on the Revo yet, except for some quick tests last night. I will look if the cpu frequency is being scaled by default on Lucid. If not, I will not need cpufreq-set. If it is, the link will be useful.

  6. I don’t use the command on my Revo. So you probably won’t need it either. It may be required on other machines which is why it’s on the site. Definitely try it without to begin with.

  7. Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent guide. I tried Mythbuntu first and hated XFCE so found your instructions invaluable. Thanks.

  8. Hi, I’m Ajeng..

    I will begin to install mythtv on my laptop HP 6530s
    The operating system is dual booting with windows7, I’m using ubuntu 10.04, and the capacity of drive for ubuntu is 39 Gb. ()

    Is Mythtv can record broadcast live from video on demand (indovision)? How to use it?
    Is Mythtv support to broadcast to other laptop through wireless (In a network)?

    Thanks. please confirm to my email too..

  9. Hi Ajeng,

    MythTV is not the best solution for recording VOD services. I am not familiar with indovision – does it use a Flash based player? If you want to do this then I cannot help you.

    However, Myth is great at broadcasting to other laptops around the house over WiFi. There are a number of ways of doing it depending on the device.

  10. Hi, I recently upgraded from ubuntu 10.04 to 11.10 and tried a thousand ways to get my AverMedia Hybrid Volar Max to work with the new kernel… or even booting 11.10 with an older kernel to no avail…
    The point is, I’ve re-installed 10.04 for the meantime and after running apt-get update, the only repo for mythtv is .23. Is there a way to compile .24 on ubuntu 10.04? Or should I just stick with 0.23?

  11. hello. i installed MythTV 0.24 on Lucid from Source because there are still some bugs in the repos version of it(23.1 or so). i was not able to run mythbackend without an error like “no proper configured tv-card is found” or anything like this.
    installing the newest version of mythtv eleminated all this bugs and its running. so far so good, but i get no program-informations and the video-solution in myth-tv is very poor. my tv card is hauppauge pvr 350(i know, not the best card for use on it) but what i know is, that this card can give a much better picture than it does till yet. so my question on mythtv is: where do i find some information about compiling options for mythtv when i install it from source (like “–enable-audio-alsa”) to enable better video-resolutions in mythtv?

    thx very much, Dirk from Germany.

  12. I haven’t compiled it for years so I cannot help too much there. However, my gut feeling would be that the options in the playback settings screen would be the best place to start if you are having playback issues.

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