Eternity Screensaver

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24 thoughts on “Eternity Screensaver”

  1. hi I installed, the screensaver on the newest ubuntu today, but i go to

    screensavers and nothin shows just black and in preview gpu is …>

    hd2600xt pls help.

    ubuntu 8.04 hardy user.

  2. Hey Garry,
    From what I saw of the previews on the site, they look awesome. Can’t use yet though ’cause I’m still tryin’ to get my Acer’s video card happy with ‘em. It’ll happen. Damn nice job though.

  3. This looks very nice but how about some non-distro specific ones?

    Not all of us use *buntu you know ;)

    (Linux Mint {yes I know its a ‘buntu fork} user, Looking to play with some other distros too)

  4. Hi Joel,

    I always intended to release the source, but never got round to it tidying it all up. Here’s a version I used to render a hires image myself:

    To render it (360 frames):
    povray -Q11 +A -W1680 -H1050 +kff360 +kc ubuntulogo-hires.pov

    Then you can turn it into an ogg using something like:
    ffmpeg2theora -v10 -x1680 -y1050 -o ubuntulogo-hires.ogg ubuntulogo-hires%3d.png

    You can make it render much faster by changing the focal blur (that’s what takes all the time):
    aperture 1.5 // more blur
    aperture 0.75 // less blur

    variance 0 // high quality
    variance 0.9 // low quality

    Any problems, let me know.

  5. Many thanks, I’ll play with it this weekend. Focal blur is half the beauty of that one. It’s amusing – I worked on POV-Ray over a dozen years ago, and I find that Radiosity is /still/ warned about as experimental. :)


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