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  1. Hi Gary – I’ve used your excellent web site a number of times over the last few years so its good to see that its still going strong. I’m interested in your write up on the Acer revo and looking to retire my existing combined FE/BE box to my study and use the Acer as a FE hidden behine the TV. I’m hoping that you might be able to give me your view on a couple of points that I’m not clear about? I use Mythwelcome to shutdown/wake up my current box so I’m thinking that to make that work with a split FE/BE mythwelcome would need to wake up the FE and then wake the BE via a WOL card in the BE but not sure how I would then shutdown the BE when the FE shuts down? The Revo boxes appear to come woith a remote control, do you use/know if these work with mytht?
    Any thoughts you have on this would be a big help.
    Cheers Steve

  2. Hi Garry – your Using the Mythbuntu Repos article as always provided the simple and quick answer I’ve expected from your site. I dont know why I dont just come here first :)
    Much appreciated,

  3. Hi Garry,

    I am just looking at buying and Android tablet (something like the sumvision cyclone) and read you very useful android page. The main reason to get the tablet is to be able to play MythTV recordings in the car. I notice that all of the players enable you to stream but do any enable you to connect to a backend and download the recordings to the frontend?



  4. Hi Stephen, sorry for the late reply. It’s an interesting question and I wanted to try it over the weekend with my Nexus 7 but didn’t get chance.

    However, I can’t see there being a problem. There are loads of decent video players available for Android (MX player, BS player, etc), so all you need is a method of transferring your recordings to your tablet. The fastest way, if your tablet doesn’t have an SD card slot, is probably USB.

    Another trick is how to get to your recordings. There’s a cool script called mythlink.pl which creates human readable links to your recorded files:


    Using a combination of the above it should work fine.

  5. Hi Garry,

    Thanks for the reply. I have now nicked one of my friend’s scripts which enables me to create podcasts of recordings. So, when I eventually buy a tablet, I can just download them onto the tablet directly. This is pretty similar to a very basic version of the MtyhExport plug-in.



  6. Hi Garry,

    I have found your website really helpful over the years for both choosing hardware and installing mythtv painlessly – many thanks, and keep up the good work!

    Recently I decided to get a DVB-T2 card and found a nanoStick T2 290e on ebay. So far it seems to work very well (not had a chance to test full HD yet, but DVB-T looks good). One thing I discovered is that “scan” didn’t work with the card (it failed to tune for some reason) but w_scan (in the ubuntu 12.04 “w-scan” package) finds all the channels (both T and T2).

    Cheers, Tony

  7. Hi,

    Nice page about MythTV on Asus Pundit P1-AH2. I got one of these boxes from my employer when they reached their end of economical professional usage.

    However, I am having serious problems installing Ubuntu 12.04. Even the alternate installer will not install properly, sofar. Now I am running a memory test. I am wondering which version of Ubuntu you, or any other person with this hardware, have used.


  8. Garry

    good morning

    It is still Sunday morning where I am writing this email (East coast, US). I have put together a small band of people who have been working for a number of months (years?) to bring to market a multi-tuner (12+) MythTv based system. We are using MythBuntu on Precise Pangolin using Ceton InfiniTV tuner cards. Each tuner is running individually through virtualization software so that each tuner sees itself running alone. I came up with this idea some years ago. All my technical associates ave been working for $00.00 (zero) salary with the anticipation of receiving part of the business which will happen shortly. Our office person is the only one receiving a salary..

    We are working to find the solution to as many of the error messages that the system has so we can show a clean system when we go public in mid-September. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have. I wrote this message on the Quantal stream as it appeared to be the most active.

    Once we have a cash flow going I plan to deliver all the working improvements that we achieve to MuthBuntu.

    We subscribe to Vonage so if you are either US domestic or foreign I can call you if you wish at no real expense to discuss this further.

    Thank you

    Harry Lipkind

  9. Hi Harry,

    Sorry I missed your message. It seems my blog software neglected to send me an alert! It sounds like an interesting project but to be honest I have way too much on at the moment to be a part of it. I hope it goes well for you.


  10. Was good to find your page and see that you’d done all the same things I had done when I built a MythTV box years ago. Same brand of CPU cooler, I still have my Zalmann HDD cooler too. I’d still be using it if the fanless PSU hadn’t died.

  11. Excellent website – always my “go to” site for setting up mythtv! Thanks for keeping it up :-)

    I’ve got a new setup running 13.10. Mythweb just shows a link saying “MythTV” which simply links back to itself. Mythweb itself doesn’t seem to work! I’ve never had any problems before. I don’t suppose you have any ideas?! I’m not Linux expert – i have simply followed your guide in the past and it’s been flawless!

  12. Hi Garry, a quick note to say many thanks for your excellent guides. Whilst it has worked for my previously, this weekend the frequency for the DVB-S scan didn’t work for me (I’m on the Wirral not too far from you). After a bit of digging found some alternatives which I’ve just posted to my own blog. Feel free to lift the info from there if you need it.

  13. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the feedback, it can be difficult to keep things up-to-date without re-installing from scratch every month or so! I’ll be sure to take a look at your blog and give you credit for anything I plagarise!

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