MythTV 2012

I’ve been using MythTV since 2004 (wow, that makes me feel old), and have been using the same hardware setup since January 2006. It’s been a very reliable system which has given my family and I hours of viewing pleasure, but as I’ve just ordered a new LG LED Smart TV, I’ll be slowly bringing it up-to-date.

The plan is to move my big (but very quiet) backend/frontend box out of the living room. First step is to try to do away with a frontend altogether and use the DLNA features of the TV to access the content. I can see some flaws with that plan already – I will only be able to access MythTV recordings, not live TV. So I will not be able to pause live TV via Myth, although there is an option on the telly to pause live TV if a USB device is connected.

I also have a large collection of DVDs backed up as directories in VIDEO_TS VOB format. Those cannot be streamed via DLNA either.

Also, I won’t be able to schedule or delete recordings from the TV.

So, DLNA isn’t a great replacement for a proper frontend, but I’ll give it a try and see if it will get me by while I get some new hardware sorted.