Logitech S-510 Review

When I first built my MythTV box I bought a cheap “Trust” wireless keyboard and mouse. It served me right for being a cheapskate, but the range was so poor that my wired keyboard could actually reach further. Anyway, the Trust got consigned to the bin and I had to squat in front on the TV every time I needed to type something.

Meanwhile, my mate Paul bought a Logitech S510 wireless keyboard, mouse and remote combo for £60 from PC world. He raved about it, but the price was a bit steep for my liking… Then the other week, Paul made the mistake of telling me that the exact same set was on Scan Today Only for £28! 10 hours later it was in my sweaty palms…

It uses RF rather than IR, giving it a massive range. The remote and keyboard work from about 50 ft away! The mouse is a bit more picky as I guess it has to transmit a lot more information. Still, you can surf from the comfort of your sofa with no problems.

The Linux compatibility is pretty good. Many of the multimedia keys on the keyboard work; they trigger Gnome functions even when in Myth, which is handy. The only problem is the remote. It basically duplicates many of the keyboard’s multimedia keys – most of the ones which don’t work. They don’t even generate an event, so can’t be configured using lirc. I guess they could be made to work by patching the kernel, but to be honest the remote is missing quite a few essential buttons – a central diamond and the keys 4-9 for a start! So, I’m going to stick with my Hauppauge remote control. After all, £28 isn’t bad just for a keyboard and mouse.

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