Ubuntu Satanic Edition

You might think I’m joking, but there’s actualy a Linux distribution out there called Ubuntu Christian Edition. To me, this is just a bit silly. What’s the point of adding GnomeSword and a few fish logos to the standard Ubuntu distro and saying that it “empowers Christians”? Empowers them to do what, invade Iraq?

Anyway, this got me thinking and, even though I’m an atheist, I’m also a big heavy metal fan. So I think this qualifies me to release Ubuntu Satanic Edition.


21 thoughts on “Ubuntu Satanic Edition”

  1. I’ve been reading about Hell 2.0 and wonder if it comes pre-installed on Ubuntu Satanic Edition?. The blurb said that Hell 1.0 was all about pain, but Hell 2.0 uses fire, brimstone and AJAX to provide more personalized and responsive eternal damnation.

  2. Like the idea think it should take off. Totally agree that to have a CHRISTIAN EDITION is just barmy and should only be available to the loony american born agains.

    On a personal note I am an agnostic and so think that atheism is just as wrong headed as the I believe lot.

  3. Oh dear me
    So it is ignorant to maintain that religious belief or total religious rejection are both absolutes that no one can prove one way or another. Whereas a good agnostic has the sense to say since we cannot know it does not matter.

  4. Actually, I was only paraphrasing Robert G. Ingersoll, the “Great Agnostic”. Who concluded his 1896 lecture, “Why I Am An Agnostic”:

    “We can be as honest as we are ignorant.”

    I’m sorry if you took this as an insult. Ignorance is the very definition of Agnosticism. That’s the point, isn’t it?

  5. Three words… “burden of proof.” Am I to push “possibilities” over “probabilities” though they can never be proven?

  6. Sorry but an atheist is an agnostic to god the same way you all are agnostic about leprechauns. Their is no proof and a good argument can be made against most gods. Especially monotheistic gods like the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic gods.

  7. This is great… But it needs more besides a logo and backdrop. Why not get the Satanic Bible into it? If not that, there’s plenty of other stuff like Aleister Crowley’s work that is definitely public domain and could get incorporated somehow. If interested, e-mail me, I’ve got a dark cherub I designed sitting around waiting to be used as a desktop or something. (I am a Christian, by the way).

  8. Very funny distro.

    Empowers them to do what? Invade Iraq?

    You hit on an important point here (besides the Iraq part). That is, the christian edition (as well as the satanic edition) don’t actually offer anything of significance to the user. It is just thematic. This is why I recommend (if possible) another distro. Freedom is something significant as compared to themes.

    Again, thanks for the laugh.

  9. Hi Peter,

    Yeah, my time would probably be better spent developing something worthwhile like gNewSense. However, free and in freedom isn’t going to get my nVidia card working any time soon. That might not be the right attitude but unfortunately it’s the truth.

    So, for now I’ll stick with producing meaningless if humorous themes!

  10. Well although there is no benefit to the user, there is the psychosocial benefit of exposing (through satire) the attempts of organized religion to propagate itself. So cheers to that.

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