Bruce Dickinson Rock Show Axed!!!

I had a knot in my stomach when I hard the news that the Bruce Dickinson Rock Show will be dropped from BBC 6 Music. As a long time fan of rock and heavy metal music, I can remember the days of the venerable Friday Night Rock Show with Tommy Vance. Since discovering the Bruce Dickinson Show, I thought those days were back for good. The show has given me many, many hours of listening pleasure. No other show on any station or channel comes close.

How can the BBC not know what a gem of a show it is? The respect Bruce commands in the hard rock community means that he gets frank and interesting interviews from all of the top artists. On top of that, he’s an excellent DJ; knowledgeable and witty in a quintesentially English way.

The music played on the show is an excellent mix of old and new, picking the best from the broad mix of genres which fall under the banner of rock. It proves that this style of music is as strong as ever. I don’t know what I would do without it. Come on BBC – keep the show on air! It’s worth the price of my license fee alone.

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