Freesat channel scan fixed!

After weeks of pulling my hair out, I’ve finally sorted my channel scanning problem and got BBC HD! The breakthrough was that it all worked in Windows, which narrowed it down to software on the Linux side. I’d tried scans with 3 different applications, which meant that it was either the firmware or the Linux DVB drivers causing the issue.

Because I’m on Intrepid with a 2.6.27 kernel (it all works on 2.6.28) I’d previously compiled the latest DVB drivers as described here:

So, I went through the process again with the latest snapshot of the v4l-dvb tree and… all transponders scan OK, including transponder 50 which has BBC HD. Phew!

Someone must have broken the v4l-dvb driver at the point I downloaded and compiled it the first time. A lot of effort wasted due to a bit of bad luck :-(

5 thoughts on “Freesat channel scan fixed!”

  1. Glad you got it working. I was thinking of trying to set up a myth box with a Hauppauge Nova S2 HD.

    Is that the card you use or do you use the HVR 4000?

    This thread implies that you use the S2 HD (assuming that you are Parker 13 :))

    Have you tried setting this up with the latest version of Ubuntu? Any issues? Do you scan Astra and Eurobird (or whatever it is) or just Astra.

    Finally, any chance of publishing your complete channels.conf? I’m interested to know what is available.

    Thanks for your help. Great site. Been using it for years for MythTV advice.

  2. Yes, that’s me.

    And I do use the Hauppauge WinTV Nova-HD-S2:

    Unfortunately my box with the S2 card in it died recently and I haven’t had a chance to get it fixed. I did have it working with Ubuntu 10.04, although I seem to remember that it would no longer import the channels.conf. I had to follow the procedure which I detailed on the above page.

    Unfortunately I don’t have access to the channels.conf until I put a working power supply back in!

  3. Oh no! I hate it when computer stuff dies.

    Don’t worry about the channels.conf. I’ll no doubt get a card ordered soon and then give it a good go and have a look myself and was just wanting some form of comparison. I live in an area where we don’t even get Freeview or Channel 5, so this solution is looking much more attractive than waiting for the switch over.

    I’d looked at that page repeatedly but somehow missed the reference to your specific card!

    I also noticed that you had quite a modest Athlon XP 2400+ listed in the thread of the Ubuntu forum. Is this suitably fast enough to record HD content? I assume it would be as it should just send it to the hard drive without any rencoding.

  4. You don’t need a powerful machine to house the tuner and do the recording, even for HD. It just basically writes the raw stream to the disk as a big file. For playback I use my Acer Revo which has VDPAU, so MPEG4 decoding is offloaded to the nVidia graphics card.

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