BBC HD missing – some progress

So, I installed a quad LNB and it made absolutely no difference. Still, at least I’ve now got 3 spare outputs from my dish if I even need them. My next job was to try moving the dish, until I made a breakthrough…

The machine I’m trying my Sat card in dual boots XP, so out of interest I decided to see if the software which comes with the Hauppauge card could find all the channels. It’s called PowerCinema 5.1. I installed it and did a scan and, hey presto, BBC HD in all its glory. So, I booted back into Ubuntu and did a scan with the command line scan utility, with MythTV and with Kaffeine. No BBC HD!

Well, at least I’ve narrowed the problem down to Linux. Plus, I don’t have to get back up on the roof and start moving my dish! Software’s so much safer to work with. Even if I fell off my char it wouldn’t hurt that much.