Lenovo S10e Netbook

After a weekend of anticipation, Christmas came late for me this year when the little Lenovo S10 arrived. Within a few minutes I was in XP and on the wireless network at work. The first surprise was the wonderful screen. Apparently mine’s the S10e model, which has a glossy, 10″, 1024×576 pixel screen. It also has a special BIOS containing an instant-on Linux OS. Cool.

I booted Ubuntu from a USB stick which was created from “System->Administration->Create a USB Startup Disk”. Unfortunately, I had problems trying to install it from here as the partition manager kept crashing. I could have persevered with this, but luckily I had an external USB DVD drive which I got with my work laptop. Booting and installing from CD went without a hitch and within an hour of the kids going to be I had Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10 installed. It was slightly but-clenching when it was shrinking the XP partition, but XP still worked fine afterwards.

The open source Broadcom driver worked out of the box with WPA2 encryption, but the ping stats looked slightly flaky. Enabling the restricted driver seemed to fix this. Most importantly, the wife was impressed; she spent the next hour on Facebook!

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  1. Just to add for anyone interested that the Acer ASPIRE One also works very nicely as a Myth Frontend (120G drive + Linpus from John Lewis’, with their free 3 years extended guarantee, I could not resist!) Using WIFI the picture seems to break up occasionally, but not seriously detrimental.

    I did have to uninstall some of my existing media players e.g. VLC first due to some library version compatibility problems, then install Myth, then reinstalled VLC, otherwise the installation was straightforward.

    I Just need to get a decent backend built and sorted out now…..

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