DVB-S working in MythTV!

I spent ages last night trying to scan for satellite channels from within Myth, but no luck. In the end I did a full scan from the command line using dvb-utils:

scan /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-s/Astra-28.2E | tee channels.conf

…and imported the resulting channels.conf file into mythtv-setup. To my surprise, it worked! I navigated to “Watch TV” in mythfrontend and suddenly had access to hundreds of channels of complete drivel. The EPG even worked.

Next step: HD.

6 thoughts on “DVB-S working in MythTV!”

  1. Cool.

    My card seems to be working fine. the only problem I have is that it isn’t picking up all the channels, including any off the BBC HD transponder. I just can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s my dish, I dunno.

  2. do you have HD working now?
    I have this card & can lock HD channels, although currently w/o playback hardware powerful enough to render the recording or watch in realtime. [my mac mini can stutter through a few frames before giving up, so I'm pretty sure the content is basically ok]

    seemed to go first time (just from an old sky dish a previous owner had installed)


  3. Hi Simon,

    What you need is a VDPAU compatible nVidia card. It should allow Myth to offload MPEG4 decoding to hardware and therefore take up almost zero CPU. Note that you also need very up-to-date versions of MythTV and the nVidia drivers:


  4. thanks – the f/e is actually a mac mini & I’m happy enough with SD until I can justify an upgrade (probably to an ION machine running OSX once it looks like the mythtv builds on snow leopard have settled down).

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